Murad Güdücü

Murad Güdücü

Attorney At Law- Trademark | Partner

Murad, the solution partner of Canpolat Legal, is an expert in Data Protection, Information Technology, E-commerce Law, Commercial law, Contractual law, corporate law, Employment law and Compliance law.

Murad has worked for Esin Attorney Partnership (Esin Attorney Partnership is a member of Baker & McKenzie International, A Swiss Verein) and also for a well known e-commerce company in Turkey, Whirlpool Corporation and numerous global/local companies as an advisor/consultant for; drafting, reviewing and negotiating all legal documents; providing retainer services; consultancy on commercial issues, contractual issues, information technologies, advertisement and media regulations; multiple merger and acquisition projects, joint venture agreements, multinational contracts/projects  and IT investments of companies; and incorporation of Turkish limited and joint stock companies with conduction of such companies’ corporate affairs.

Murad’s thesis is still under preparation in IT Law Master in Information Technology Law Institute of Istanbul Bilgi University.


  • Istanbul Bar
  • Data protection commission of Istanbul Bar 
  • Association of E-commerce and Internet Law


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